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Asian Dumplings


½ pound of Neese’s (hot) sausage
not cooked

¼ cup each: jalapeno, red and green, green onions,
and red onion chopped(diced)

1 egg scrambled well

I tbsp. garlic dumpling sauce found in an
Asian market

Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Minced ginger and garlic to taste (I like a lot of garlic),about 1tbsp each.

Ricotta cheese (about 2 large tablespoons) or any cheese you like

Wonton wrappers (small ones) as they keep in a air tight plastic tub for about 7 days, found in the vegatables @ Food Lion in NC.


I cut the square wonton wrappers in circles, cut with a round biscuit cutter. They seem to be easier to form.
You can also make them like the ones in Wonton soup.

Mix up sausage mixture and veggies and spoon into the center of a wet wonton. I coat the dough with chicken broth (or pork)
if you can find it.

Form into round and place in a small Minnie cupcake pan.
Cover with plastic and freeze until set. Steam in a greased steamer for 20 minutes. You can make dozens ahead, and steam them when you need them. Great for a party!
Yum YUM! I can eat about 10 of them!

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