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The most moist and easy made BBQ Chick Ever
The Fourth of July "Beer-Can- Chicken!" It's Easy,it's Fun, & it's good!"


One whole, good sized, roster chicken
One can of beer/per chick
BBQ sauce


First, Drink half of the can of beer.
Second, place the half-full can into the chicken's void between its legs, standing the chicken vertical, baste with BBQ or your favorite spices and place on a preheated charcoal grille upright), with the bottom of the beer directly on the grill (the bird is upright).
Replace the grille's lid (or not) and cook on low to medium heat, until the bird reaches 190 degrees...then remove the bird from the grille and let "rest" for a few minutes prior to serving the best, most moist, good tasting chick... you've ever eaten!

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2 to 3 servings, per bird

Nutritional Information
Per Serving

Lean except for BBQ.

Version 3.5 now available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire!
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