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Submitted by Kika Fischer

Parmesan Sole

Super simple Italian-style filet of Sole"


Sole filets (or any flat fish, e.g. flounder, tilapia, etc) - as many as you need
Olive oil (or butter)
Grated parmesan
Salt & pepper
Splash of white wine


1. Clean the filets, and sprinkle with salt and pepper, to taste
2. Heat up 1 turn of olive oil in a frying pan (use butter for more flavor and less health)
3.0Add the filets, cooking until white & flaky all the way through (roughly 6 min on each side)
4. Cover the tops of the filets with the grated cheese
5. Splash white wine into the pan, then cover immediately for about 1 minute (this will melt the cheese)
6. Enjoy!

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