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Fish for Mom!

Fish even my Mother loves
My Mom is allergic to fish oil but LOVES fish prepared well. It takes a great dish for her to take her Pills so she can have it, (She still has hives sometimes anyway) She always eats it when I make this dish for her!"


Tilapia Fillet
Green Pepper
red pepper
Fava Beans
Smoked Cherry Tomato
Pickled scallions
Grilled Plum
Whole Kernel corn
Veg stock
Salt & Pepper


-Sear Fillet in Veg oil with Fresh herbs,Garlic, S&P
-Saute diced Green/red Peppers with smoked cherry tomatoes and blanched/peeled Fava beans in olive oil with S&P
-Grill oiled plum
-Pickle Scallions in 1:1:1 Sugar, water and Sherry Vinegar.
-Puree cooked corn with veg stock, garlic S&P
1)Puree on plate
2)Sauteed veg
3)Seared fish
4)Off to side Plum
5) Pickled Scallion on Plum
6)Garnish as desired(Consider dehydrating thin sliced peppers in a lattice)


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