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Mom's Tuna Croquets

Wonderful Tuna dish even if you do not like tuna! Serve with Mac and Cheese on the side for a really fantastic meal for any night of the week!"


2 Cans of Bumble Bee Tuna 12 oz - in water
5 Large Eggs
1 cup Matzo Meal
1 medium onion
Olive Oil - I use extra virgin
Salt to taste
1 TSP Worcestershire Sauce


Chop onion into large pieces.
Drain water from Tuna Fish cans.
Beat eggs in bowl stirring in Worcestershire sauce.
Mash Tuna to get small pieces like in Tuna salad.
Add all ingredients into large bowl with eggs and sauce.
Mix until thick.
Heat oil in skillet while forming circular patties no more than 1/4 inch thick. Silver dollar pancake size.
Add patties to skillet and cook until brown on both sides. You may need to add some oil in between each set of patties - I can usually fit 4 to 5 on the skillet at a time.

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