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Pan fried tofu cubes with veggies over ramen
This is my daughter's favorite meal. We usually make it with tofu but it’s suitable for any kind of protein. When she was younger she didn’t know how to say “tofu” and instead pronounced it “Fluho.” So that’s the name of this dish. It is super quick to prepare and is what I make in the evening after work with kids clamoring for food. I sometimes serve it over rice instead of ramen or use fresh veggies (chard, broccoli, whatever). The garlic black bean sauce is the magic ingredient. Even my daughters' friends that don't eat much tofu like this dish."


1 pound firm tofu (fresh tastes best)
Dash of sesame oil
1.5 T Garlic Black Bean Sauce (available in the Asian food section of most grocers)
2 packages ramen noodles with seasoning
1 bag frozen vegetables


1. Put water in cook pot to boil for ramen.
2. Heat fry pan on medium with enough sesame oil to coat the bottom.
3. Drain tofu and cut into 1cm cubes.
4. Toss cubes in pan. Stir in the garlic black bean sauce to coat.
5. Stir tofu every minute or so so it doesn't burn. It's done when all sites have a crispy, brown coat.
6. While tofu is cooking microwave frozen veggies on high for 4 minutes.
7. Put ramen in boiling water to cook.
8. Drain tofu. Toss with seasoning packets.
9. Add vegetables into pan with tofu. Toss to mix.
10. Serve veggie/tofu mix over ramen on plate.

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