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Jamaican Jerk Chicken


16 Pieces of Chicken

Jerk Marinade:
• 6 cloves of Garlic
• 2 medium onions, quartered
• 2 Scotch bonnet or habanera chilies, stems removed
• 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
• 1 tablespoon each: ground allspice, salt
• 2 teaspoons dried thyme
• 1 bunch green onions, quartered
• 1 teaspoon each: sugar, freshly ground pepper
• ½ teaspoon each: ground nutmeg, mace


Place chicken in shallow glass baking dish; set aside. Place marinade ingredients in blender; process until pureed. Rub marinade over chicken until thoroughly coated. Cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate over night. Prepare grill for high heat. Remove chicken from marinade; grill about 3 minutes on each side. Reduce heat on grill to medium. Cover and cook 10 minutes. Turn chicken; cook until cooked through.

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