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Asian Tacos

A tasty finger food using healthy ingredients. It can be used as a main dish or a robust appetizer!! Everyone loves these, as they are easy to make and then assemble. "


*a couple of cloves of garlic chopped up
*an onion chopped
*1 Lb. of ground turkey
*Mai Ploy sauce, which can be found in the super market. It is a sweet chili sauce. (Inexpensive and can be used to flavor a lot of things... soups, burritos, etc)
*romaine lettuce leaves
Arugula, watercress, Chinese parsley, etc. whatever you want

*T.2 lime juice
a bit of sugar
1T. Nuc Nam (fish sauce...OR any salad dressing that you might like


1. Brown the onion, the garlic and the ground turkey for quite a bit.
2. Whilst doing this, clean romaine leaves, and other greens, drain, put on a large platter.
3. When all is done, each person assembles some of the greens in the lettuce "cup" and puts some of the ground turkey (either cold or warm) on top. You dip or pour sauce and or dressing over the top and eat!

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