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Thai Chicken Brick Oven Pizza

Home made crust, and custom toppings, finished on the grill, with easy cleanup for this twist on regular pizza."


For 3 thin crust:
3 1/2 cups White Flour (preferably Bob's Red Mill)
1 TBS Honey
1 tsp Active Yeast
3 TBS Olive Oil
1 Cup warm water

For Thai Chicken Toppings:
3/4 cup peanut butter
3 TBS Hot Oil (Red chile oil or equivalent)
1 TBS garlic
2 TBS light oil
2 TBS water
1 lb chicken breast
2 carrots
1lb mozzarella
fresh basil


For dough:
Add honey, yeast, and oil to warm water and stir to combine. Fit mixer with hook. Add flour to bowl and 1 tsp salt. Add liquid slowly until tacky and pulls away from sides, stop adding liquid and let run on low for 7 minutes to knead. Put dough in medium bowl, drizzle w/ oil, and cover until doubled in volume. Repeat for additional batches (we usually make 6 batches of dough for ~25 people back yard party)

For toppings for Thai chicken:
Fix julienne blade, and run carrots through, set aside. Fix shredder blade and shred cheese, set aside, Fix metal blade and chop basil, set aside. Combine first 5 ingredients and pulse, set aside. Separately slice and grill chicken breast.
To make pizzas, set grill on low, or fire wood oven, or pre-heat convection oven w/ stone. Cut dough batches into thirds, and roll out very thin on silicone mat until 1/8-1/4 thick. Dust peal lightly w/ corn meal, lay on dough, add toppings (sauce, meat, veggies, cheese), and back until done (12 minutes in 400 Convection oven, 6 minutes in wood fired oven, variable on the grill) Remove and slice! Eat hot!

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