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Banana Split in Foil

When the grill is done cooking your meal and it's still warm, you can enjoy a quick and fun dessert - banana splits in foil. Your guests can create their own dessert with various toppings and the best part is once done, you just throw the foil away, no dishes!"


4 bananas
4 sheets of foil
chocolate chips
shredded coconut
chopped nuts
ice cream of your choice
whipped cream
fruit or fruity syrup


Peel bananas but don't remove skin.
Place banana on foil and sprinkle with chocolate (or any flavor) chips.
Close up skin over banana and wrap foil around it.
Place on warm grill for less than 5 minutes.
Remove foil pack and open to reveal banana with melted chips.
Scoop ice cream over it along with whipped cream, coconut, nuts and any other toppings like syrup or chopped fruit.

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