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Kimi's Shortbread Brownie Bites

A delightful, crunchy and chewy bite size delight!"


1 cup Butter
½ cup Powdered Sugar
2 cups Flour
Chopped Walnuts or Pecans or macadamia nuts
Brownie mix


Melt in microwave for 1½-2 minutes (be careful, will be hot):
1 cup Butter
1/2 cup Powdered Sugar - make sure that this is sifted

Then Add & stir with spatula:
2 cups Flour

Mix until well blended, then place in a 9x13 pan. My mom taught me to make the edges 1st & then spread on the bottom of the pan. But you can also just place the crust on the bottom without an edge.

Then add your prepared brownie batter - with or without nuts.

Bake @ 325-350 degrees in a lined mini muffin pan, depending on your oven. I like to use the lower temperature @ 325 degrees, so I don't burn the crust.

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