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Submitted by Delight Cotton Cheesecake

Delight Cotton Cheesecake

You would never be afraid of gaining weight after tasting this cheesecake!
This Cheesecake is soft and so delight. You can't resist!"


6 egg yolks
6 egg whites
250gr Cream cheese
50g butter
75ml milk
140gr sugar
Cream of tartar
50g all purpose flour
30gr corn flour


1. Put Cream Cheese and Butter separately in microwave for 40 seconds (as long as they melted)
2. Use a hand mixer to beat Cream cheese first until there is no clumping
3. Put Butter into Cream cheese and beat until they form 1 mixture
4. Pour 35ml of Milk into the Cream cheese and Butter Mixture and mix them for 30 seconds
5. Pour the entire Milk into the Cream cheese mixture and mix them until they're all together
6. Put 6 egg yolks into the Cream cheese mixture and beat
7. Mix 2 kinds of flour together and put them unto the Cream cheese mixture and mix --> Set aside
8. If you have a stand mixer, clean your bowl and begin to beat 6 egg whites with the max speed
9. While you're beating egg white, put a little bit cream of tartar into the egg white and gradually pour sugar into the egg whites. Beat the egg white until they have soft peak
10. Use your spatula to mix 1/3 egg whites into the Cream cheese mixture
11. Divided the Cream cheese mixture into 2 parts, one by one, mix it into the remaining egg whites
12. If you don't have a nonstick mold, you can try to make one by buttering up around the mold then put a thin layer of flour onto it. Lining the mold bottom with wax paper. Pour the final Cream cheese mixture into the mold carefully
13. Pour water into your baking tray, heat it up in the oven for 10 mins, at 320oF. After 10mins, put your mold of Cream cheese mixture on the baking tray (still have water) and bake for an hour

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