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Chocolaty Tombstone Cupcakes
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Chocolaty Tombstone Halloween Cupcakes

Chocolate lovers will die when they bite into these Tombstone Halloween cupcakes. A chocolate cupcake or cake coated in chocolate buttercream, topped with crushed chocolate cookie for the dirt and garnish with a chocolate covered cookie tombstone, it's the perfect Halloween treat to indulge in."


Chocolate cake mix
Chocolate buttercream icing
Crushed Chocolate cookie (Oreos work best!)
Milano cookie or Madeleine, dipped in chocolate
Orange candy pen


Ice the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

Dip the tops into the crushed chocolate cookie.

Gently insert the chocolate dipped Milano cookie into the cupcake tops.

Note - print RIP onto the cookies after the chocolate has dried and while they lay flat. Once the writing is dry, insert into the cupcakes.

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