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Almost Run Balls

A wonderfully chewy treat and a low calorie snack. When you have a chocolate craving this hits the spot."


1 1/4 cups whole almonds, walnuts or any favorite raw nut
1/2 cup raisins or pitted Medjoul dates (I used dates and I cut them up)
1 Tbsp carob or cocoa powder (I use raw coca powder)
1 Tbsp Vanilla extract
2 Tbsp Brown rice syrup
Carob or cocoa powder, coconut flakes or crushed nuts for the coating (I use nuts)


1. In a small food processor, coarsely grid the nuts, then add and process the remaining ingredients.
2. Form the mixture into 1 inch balls, and droll with the palms of your hand. If you use your fingers too much, the balls will mot be uniformly round.
3. Coat the balls with the carob or cocoa powder or coconut flakes or nuts, and serve.

I keep them refrigerated for a great treat.

I count WW points and each one is 1 point.

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Yield: approximately 2 dozen

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