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Creepy Edible Eyeballs

Fun Dessert
Fun treat you can make with easily available items"


Mini powdered donuts
Red Icing (in a tube for easy application)
gummy Lifesavers
chocolate chips


1. Lay out the powdered donuts on a clean work surface .
2. Squeeze Red Icing in squiggly lines onto the donut (to look like blood shot eyes) and add a bit extra in the center.
3. Place 1 gummy Lifesaver onto each donut in the center on the extra icing, as the iris of the eye.
4. Add a little more icing to the middle of the gummy Lifesaver.
5. Press a chocolate chip into the center of the gummy Lifesaver, as the cornea.
6. There you have a Creepy Edible Eyeball.

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as many as you want

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Probably not so good.

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