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Holiday Ice Cream Cake Delight

easiest Ice cream cake ever & make way ahead to ease stress
Holiday ice cream cake, sure to please & impress all guests, while saving tons of money!"


Ice cream (1/2 gallon) favorite flavor,or color of season,leftover cake barely going stale or leftover crumbled cookies, sprinkles of seasonal colors, cherries, syrups & choice of garnishes


Make ahead & store easy as it gets! Soften ice cream to just slightly mushy @ room temp, drizzle syrup & place cherries, sprinles & garnishes, use 1/2 of 1/2 gallon on top, then run slightly stale leftover cake or cookies thru food proccesor(or crumple by hand if u do not have one yet) place on top of ice cream in form, then add balance of mushy ice cream. Freeze in form (air tight of course) until solid, use as needed , but place airtight container in warm water in sink to loosen. Uncap (remove cover out of water, place on serving dish & flip, remove freezing container/form, add whipped topping & decorations as desired. Serve! Can be made 1 day to a few months in advance, so keep it in freezer @ all times for guests! Enjoy!

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