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Mountain Snow Dessert

a yummy cookie and cream dessert in a new look"


*20 piece oreo cookie.
*20 piece marry biscuit.
*1 can nestle table cream.
*1 can nestle sweeten condensed milk.
*mini chocolate chips.
*powder sugar.


In a food processor, crush the cookie and the biscuit together; don’t make them powder- to make a coarse powder mix.
*combine the cookie mix with the table cream and the condensed milk.
*bring a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap then pour the mixture inside the draped bowl.
* keep the dessert in the freezer for 1 hour. After taking it out, carefully flip it in the serving plate.
*start assembling the chocolate chips around the dome shape dessert till it is totally covered.
*sprinkle the top with powder sugar and enjoy.

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