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Supreme Vienna Cake

Bavarian ladyfinger cake."


1. 9" or 10" Springform pan.
2. 2 pkgs ladyfingers for 9" pan; 3 pkg for 10" pan
3. 1 pt of heavy cream
4. 1-8 oz & 1-3oz pkg cream cheese, softened
5. 1 teas lemon juice
6. 1 teas vanilla
7. 1 lg can crushed pineapple, well drained
8. 1 lg can pie filling of choice, such as blueberry, cherry, strawberry, or raspberry


Whip cream until stiff peaks. Add softened cream cheese, vanilla, lemon juice and pineapple. Line bottom and sides of springform pan with ladyfingers, finished side out. Pour half of whipped cream mixture into pan. Layer with more ladyfingers. Pour the remaining whipped cream mixture over ladyfingers. Pour can of pie filling on top and refrigerate overnight.

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