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Cornbread Breakfast
One delicious breakfast all in one anytime of day or night."


9 x 12 pan or large seasoned iron skillet.
Yellow cornbread mix
1lb of hickory smoked bacon
1lb of sausage
8 large eggs


Prepare enough yellow cornbread mix for a large iron skillet or 9 x 12 pan.
Scramble 8 large eggs in skillet or microwave, set to the side.
Cook 1lb of TN Pride Sausage and 1LB of Hickory Smoked Bacon,drain any residual grease, (you can use this for brown gray if needed). Crumble or break Sausage and Bacon into small pieces and mix it all into the cornbread mix. Place the eggs in the mix as well, continue mixing until everything is evenly distributed.
Coat the pan with margerine or any non stick oil.
Place the mix into the pan and bake on 375 for about 30-45 minutes or until the top is golden brown.
Remove and let cool slightly then divide by cutting into nice even proportions. Serve as plain or i would suggest with white or brown gravy.
This can be done with Turkey Sausage and Bacon for a lighter version if you choose.

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