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Tall and Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits


2 cups unbleached flour
1 tablespoon double-acting baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
4 tablespoons col butter cut in 1/4-inch cubes
1 1/2 cups cold buttermilk, preferably low-fat


Adjust oven to middle rack and heat oven to 500 degrees. Spray bottom of 9 inch cake pan with non-stick set aside.

In processor pulse flour baking powder, sugar, salt and baking soda to combine. Scatter cubes over dry ingredients and pulse until resembles pebbly course cornmeal, 8 to 10 1 second pulses.
Transfer dry ingredients to medium bowl add buttermilk and stir until incorporated (will be very wet and slightly lumpy.

Using 1/4 cup measuring cup sprayed with non-stick spray, scoop and roll in flour and place in pan forming 12 even sized rounds.

Brush with hot melted butter. Bake 5 minutes and reduce oven temperature to 450 and bake until golden brown, about 15 minutes.

Cool in pan 2 minutes invert from pan onto clean kitchen towel, turn biscuit right side upend break apart

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