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Spicy Tuna Fish Kababs

Perfect for summer patio parties!"


canned tuna (unsalted)- 2 cans
red onion chopped-1
garlic paste-1 tbsp
ginger paste-1 tbsp
red chili powder-1 tsp
fresh cilantro leaves chopped
Bread Crumbs- 2cup
2 eggs
Salt and Pepper
Oil (for deep frying)


1: Drain the tuna in a large mixing bowl
2: Mix all ingredients with the tuna (chopped red onion, garlic, ginger, red chili powder, cilantro, 1 cup of bread crumbs)
3: Make small round balls with the tuna mixture
4: Beat the eggs in a bowl
5: Place Bread Crumbs on a tray
6: Dip the round tuna balls in egg and then roll it in the Bread Crumbs
7: Deep fry the tuna balls until golden brown

Serve with plum sauce/ sweet & sour sauce


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