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Cheesy Nacho Chips

Tortilla Nachos with cheese
This is a great nacho cheese tortilla recipe that I have been using for years and everyone loves it."


1 bag tortillas
2 can refried beans
2 cans nacho cheese soup undiluted
1/4 cup milk
black olives
tomatoes chopped
canned green chilies
8 green onions chopped
8 oz shredded cheese


Heat refried beans, using a metal 9x13 pan place 1/3 of the beans on bottom add 1/3 tortilla. Heat nacho cheese soup with 1/4 cup of milk then pour 1/3 sauce over tortillas add 1/3 black olives, tomatoes, shredded cheese and green onions and repeat layers finishing with olives, tomatoes, refried beans, shredded cheese and green onions. Place under broiler cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve while hot

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