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Summer Bean Salsa


1 can each of:
Black-eyed peas
Black beans
White corn
Chick peas

1 can Original Rotel (If you want it spicier, you can get the “non”-original). You could also use a container of the fresh salsas in the refrigerated section of the grocery store (typically in/near the packaged salad section)
2 Bell peppers ( I’d suggest red and orange)
1 seeded jalapeno
Green onion (don’t use the white end)
1 bunch cilantro
1 bottle Italian dressing (I got a small bottle, and just did it to taste)


Drain and rinse the beans. If using Rot-el, drain this as well (not as necessary to drain a salsa from refrigerated section. Chop up all the vegetables, and mix in everything else! Keep refrigerated.

Serve with chips, or just eat by the spoonful! Great as a side as well.

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