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Ginger cheeseball

Serve with gingersnaps for a delightful hors d'oeuvre."


1/4 cup chopped raisins or dates
1/4 cup dark rum
8oz. cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup chopped pecans
1 tsp curry powder, or less, to taste
1 cup shredded coconut, toasted
mango or peach chutney
ginger snaps, very thin


In a small saucepan, cook over low heat the rum and dates/raisins until most rum has evaporated - 10-12 min.
In a bowl, mix cream cheese, curry, nuts, raisins/dates, and remaining rum.
Shape mixture into a ball and roll in the coconut.
Refrigerate or serve immediately
Place on serving dish. Pour chutney over.
You may wish to serve with salty crackers instead or in addition.

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