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6 Pc Set

6 Pc Set


For decades, Cuisinart has been helping you prepare delicious homemade meals. Now Cuisinart's superior storage containers let you vacuum seal food, locking out air and moisture, for longer freshness.

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Superior Seal

Locks Out Moisture and Air

Shatter/Scratch Resistant

Stackable for Convienent Storage

Will Not Stain or Absorb Odors

Store Wet or Dry Foods

Perfect for Everyday Use or Long-term Storage While You Travel

Refrigerator, Freezer & Microwave Safe

Dishwasher Safe

National Sanitation Foundation Certified

Lifetime Warranty

Set Contains:

1 CFS-TC-REC32R (32 oz rectangular red container)

1 CFS-TC-REC64R (64 oz rectangular red container)

1 CFS-TC-REC103R (103oz rectangular red container)

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