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Preseasoned Cast Iron Grilled Pizza Set

Preseasoned Cast Iron Grilled Pizza Set


Nothing cooks like cast iron over an open flame. Now you can create authentic pizza on your grill with the Cuisinart® Cast Iron Pizza Set. This unique piece of outdoor cookware is designed with flavor slots that help to enhance the natural grilled flavor of your pizza. The cast iron pizza platter is preseasoned to make grilling and clean-up simple. Prepare your pizza on the Bamboo Pizza Peel, then use the peel to help serve your steaming creation on the included Stainless Steel Serving Tray.

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Preseasoned cast iron grilling surface
Large 12" diameter surface ideal for creating authentic grilled pizzas
Bamboo pizza peel helps turn dough and remove pizza from grill
Stainless steel tray perfect for serving 12" pizzas
Natural non-stick grilling surface
Easy clean-up
Flavor slots designed to enhance grilled flavor of your pizza
Superior heat dispersion grills pizza thoroughly and evenly
Set includes cast iron pizza platter, bamboo pizza peel and stainless steel serving tray

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