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CleanWater® 2-Gallon Countertop Filtration System

CleanWater® 2-Gallon Countertop Filtration System


About This Product

The most convenient way to enjoy cleaner, fresher water anytime you want it – chilled, hot or room temperature. The Cuisinart® CleanWater® Countertop Filtration System dispenses refreshing filtered water right from the kitchen countertop, and eliminates the need for costly bottled water alternatives. It’s healthier, smart, and simple – CleanWater® is the future of drinking water!


  • ENERGY STAR® rated - The 2-Gallon CleanWater system uses less energy, saves money, and helps protect the environment

  • 2.0 gallon tank capacity
  • Dispenses hot (194°F), cold (44°F) and room-temperature filtered water
  • Blue/red LED lights indicate when water is ready

  • Energy Saver reduces energy usage by more than 50%
  • Green LED lights up when Energy Saver feature is activated (hot water is off)
  • Brushed stainless steel housing

  • Removable water tank
  • 2 spigots

  • Fast water flow

  • Filter included

  • GF-80 filter reduces contaminants including (for pH level 6.5):
    – Lead 98.7%
    – Chlorine (taste and odor) 97.5%
    – Mercury 92.8%
    – Benzene 84.1%
    – Cadmium 96.6%
    – Copper 85.0%
    – Tetrachloroethylene 92.5%
    – Toluene 89.8%

  • Filter life is 3 months' average household use (up to 48 gallons)

  • BPA Free

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