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Preseasoned Cast Iron Grilling Platter Set

Preseasoned Cast Iron Grilling Platter Set


About This Product

Nothing cooks like cast iron over an open flame. Now you can prepare healthier meals on your grill with that same great grilled flavor you have come to love. The Cuisinart® Preseasoned Cast Iron Grilling Platter is designed with innovative flavor slots which work to remove excess grease and fat from your food while enhancing the natural grilled flavor of whatever you create. The cast iron platter is preseasoned to make grilling and cleaning easy, and the incredible heat dispersion means everything grills up evenly throughout. The wooden serving tray conveniently supports the platter, so when you finish cooking you can serve your food hot and sizzling right to the table. Perfect for grilling fish, seafood, vegetables and all those delicate foods that can stick to the grill or fall through the grate.


Preseasoned cast iron grilling surface
Large grilling surface ideal for fish, seafood and vegetables
Natural non-stick grilling surface
Easy clean-up
Flavor slots designed to remove excess grease and fat while enhancing grilled flavor
Superior heat dispersion grills food evenly
Wooden serving tray and cast aluminum handles make serving food easy
Set includes cast iron platter and birch wood serving tray

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