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Master Cleaning Brush With Extra Replacement Head

Master Cleaning Brush With Extra Replacement Head


About This Product

Maintaining a clean grill is an essential part of grilling. Dirty grates affect the flavor of foods and can cause uneven heating temperatures on the grill. The Cuisinart® Master Cleaning Brush is designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs - and make your grill grates shine like new after every use. Designed with numerous innovative features, this grill brush will make cleaning your grill as easy as cooking on it.


Extra wide cleaning surface
Bonus replacement head included
Copper cleaning wires will not damage grill grates
Integrated hook for deep cleaning and lifting grates
Multiple scraping notches for various grate widths
Rotating brush head allows for more cleanings before replacement
Durable stainless steel construction
Comfortable Santoprene™ rubberized grip
Large ergonomically designed handle

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