Childhood Memories
Mar 24, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
We didn’t eat a lot of candy growing up, but I do remember my mom’s favorite were Chunky Bars. I found them intriguing, that dome of chocolate studded with raisins and nuts. I always thought there were peanuts, but a little research revealed it was really a mix of brazil nuts and cashews. The original confection was created right in my hometown in New York City, a fun fact I can’t wait to share with mom. Read More
Homemade Kale Chips
Mar 21, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
My three year old daughter topples into my lap most evenings, and greedily gobbles up my raw kale salad, lightly dressed with a lemon Parmesan vinaigrette. I know this is not normal behavior. Most kids’ reaction to kale follow that of my husband, though he is coming around. Read More
A Hint of Spring
Mar 17, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Four years ago this spring, my husband and I took a long awaited honeymoon to Venice. We hadn’t called it that officially, but with an almost three year old, we realized it was time for a kid-free getaway. Family graciously stepped in and our daughter was in good for care with her nana, uncles and aunts while we strolled the narrow, often confusing streets of one of the most romantic cities in the world. Read More
First Foods: Hello Avocados!
Mar 13, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Making your own baby food is easier than it seems, especially if you think green. While apples and pears cook up quick enough, some foods require little more than peeling and mashing before serving. Such is the case with avocados. Baby will love the creamy texture of this easy-to-make first food, and you’ll feel good knowing she’s getting a dose of vital nutrients with every bite. Read More
A Twist of Taco Night
Mar 9, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Taco night is popular in our family, but sometimes the clean up is daunting once you set out all the fixings. On busy weeknights, quesadillas are more my speed. The kids love it just as much, maybe even more, because they really feel like their helping mommy cook. My older daughter helps shred the cheese using a box-style grater—a very grown-up feeling task for a 7 year old. Her little sister sprinkles the cheese on top of the tortillas. I set out the remaining ingredients and let the kids assemble their own quesadillas. Read More
Quick & Easy Italian Flatbread
Mar 5, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
A few weeks ago I mentioned on twitter that I was making Italian-style quesadillas. Within minutes someone in Tuscany replied they really have a dish in Italy called piadina, and it’s very similar to what I was preparing for dinner. All it took was a few clicks and keystrokes, and bingo, the homemade flour tortillas I usually make just needed a few tweaks to become a quick and easy Italian flatbread. Read More
Time to Make the Doughnuts
Mar 1, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Light and airy, yeast-raised doughnuts were a favorite growing up, especially glazed ones with sprinkles. As an adult I became more partial to cake doughnuts. The sturdier construction ensured it stood up well to a few dunks in a mug of coffee. The problem, though, is those calories were much easier to burn as a kid than as a busy mother of two—chasing after a toddler is workout of another kind. Read More
DIY Dinner
Feb 25, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Let’s face it, you can’t please everyone every night when it comes to dinner. On those nights when I want something with more grown-up flair, hot pots are the perfect answer. This isn’t a classic Japanese-style hot pot but it is filled with big, bold flavors that will leave you longing for seconds. Read More
The Heat is On
Feb 23, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
The truth is there isn’t one definitive reason for high obesity rates or nutritionally void food choices. Schedules are busier than ever, processed foods are cheap, placed front and center at supermarkets—it’s a perfect storm of sorts. The most important change you can make to beat this battle of the bulge is to simply get cooking. Read More
The Breakfast Compromise
Feb 21, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Ever since my oldest daughter could eat pancakes, they’ve been her favorite breakfast. I much prefer a protein-rich meal to energize me for the coming day. What we needed was a compromise—whole wheat pancakes fit the bill. Read More