Movin’ On Up
Nov 15, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Switching from breastmilk or formula to solids is an exciting moment, for mommy and baby alike. Even more fun, is graduating to finger foods. By time baby hits the 8 to 10 month mark, she’s likely started showing an interest in what you’re eating. I remember when my little one, now 2 1/2 years old, would watch us intently spoon mouthfuls of pasta during dinnertime. It didn’t take long for me to realize a mutiny would begin if I didn’t move past solids and let her have in on the fun. Read More
Just Desserts
Nov 11, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Every year my family jokes we should start our holiday meals with dessert first. After a brigade of appetizers, sides and main course, the table once again disappears under a blanket of cakes, cookies and pastries.While it seems decadent to start dinner with a caramel pecan pumpkin pie, it’s totally the way to go when prepping for the big day. Read More
It’s the Great Pumpkin!
Nov 8, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Everyone has a tried and true tip for getting their kids to try new foods. Parenting magazines are always touting how to please fussy eaters. But, what if we stopped playing tricks? What if we just told kids what they were eating? Read More
A Very Happy Halloween
Oct 30, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
My childhood is filled with memories of many a Halloween with our costumes cloaked in coats, barely visible to the neighbors we were politely shaking down for candy. So goes the weather in New York. You just never know whether to expect mild or downright cold temperatures for what many kids consider to be the most important day of the year. Luckily, all it takes is some planning to make sure your kiddies have a very happy Halloween. Read More
Trick or Treat
Oct 27, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
I fell in love with making caramel corn a few years back. I’d planned to make some to fill Trick or Treat goody bags, except I hadn’t read the full directions. With only two hours until guests would start arriving, using the traditional oven method was not an option. I decided to improvise with my microwave. It was a unique approach to updating a classic, using a new method to deliver the same familiar flavor and crunch. Read More
Let Them Eat Cake
Oct 25, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
classroom birthdays, food allergies can feel like an obstacle for families not used to working with a new set of ingredients. Rather then fret over what you can’t use, embrace the ones at your disposal. Cooking is a source of comfort, and should be inclusive and fun for everyone. Here’s a recipe that proves you can have your cake and eat too. Read More
Learning to Love Their Veggies
Oct 21, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
“Eat your veggies.” What mom hasn’t uttered that phrase, at least once, to their children? The best way to prepare for battle is to arm yourself with great tasting recipes. The best way to raise a good eater is to let them know what you’re really serving up. This way if they love it, they’ll know what to ask for, and eventually seek out as they get older. Read More
Pear Ricotta Crepes
Oct 19, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
I suddenly found myself thinking of crepes a few weeks ago. Really, my mind had wandered to manicotti, the Italian version of crepes. Well, one thought led to another, and I wondered why not make a French crepe batter and use ricotta cheese in place of Gruyere. Read More
Mother Knows Best
Oct 14, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Thirty years ago, my younger self would never believe I’m expounding the virtues of Brussels sprouts. Back then they were my arch enemy at lunchtime. What I didn’t know back then was that Brussels sprouts could be downright delicious if prepared properly. Read More
A Flash in the Pan
Oct 13, 2010 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Pumpkin and butternut squash seem to get all the attention this time of year. While they are indeed favorites of mine, it’s time we all get familiar with the smaller, quicker to cook variety: delicata. In need of a vegetable to keep my roasted chicken company, I decided to make my own take on the dish. Read More