The Breakfast Compromise
Feb 21, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Ever since my oldest daughter could eat pancakes, they’ve been her favorite breakfast. I much prefer a protein-rich meal to energize me for the coming day. What we needed was a compromise—whole wheat pancakes fit the bill. Read More
A Well-Balanced Diet
Feb 17, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
I always felt a sense of pride that milk or water were the beverages of choice for my oldest daughter once she made the switch from breastmilk to cow’s milk. What I hadn’t prepared for was the onslaught of juice introduced to her diet when she began pre-school. Rather than forbid it all together, the last few years have been about teaching moderation. Read More
This Little Piggy
Feb 12, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Parenting the second time around is an interesting experiment. I played it safe with my older daughter. Devoured and dutifully put to use everything the magazines said I should do. It wasn’t until my second child five years later, that I realized people have been doing this for thousands of years. Parenting I mean, and they didn’t have monthly cave drawing subscriptions to Parents magazine. Read More
Super Bowl Salad
Feb 7, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Early on in our courtship, my husband and I started cooking up a Mexican spread—or at least an American version of it, for Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not sure how it started, but as time went on it became tradition. This year I intend to mix things up a little, and put a twist on the salad portion of the evening. Read More
The Rice Cereal Debate
Feb 2, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
First foods are an evergreen topic, and for good reason. Those early tastes help set the stage for good habits later on down the road. Recently, Dr. Alan Greene, a renowned pediatrician who has also written many childhood nutrition articles, made a heady claim on ABC’s Good Morning America show. Dr. Greene believes feeding white rice cereal is not only bad for baby, but thinks it’s the root cause of childhood obesity. Read More
Tummy Time!
Jan 31, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
I remember carefully cradling my oldest daughter in my arms with all those new-parent jitters. I’d never held a baby before, and was worried about properly supporting her neck muscles. Then suddenly we blinked, or at least it felt that way, and we hit an important milestone: tummy time. Read More
How To Make Oat Flour
Jan 27, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
I’ve never been one for resolutions, but as 2010 faded into my memory, I awoke with the goal of getting more whole grains into my family’s eating habits. Since I’m the head cook in our house, that is a very doable resolution. I’ve dabbled in whole wheat flours for years, but had never been wowed by any recipe to make it twice. Read More
Cabin Fever
Jan 24, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
The holiday may be over, but these fragrant, spice-scented muffins are the perfect treat year-round with an icy glass of milk for the kids—and hot cup of coffee for mom. Read More
A Real Steel
Jan 20, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
Oatmeal is one of those foods I didn’t fully appreciate until adulthood. My early introductions were granules poured from a packet and mixed with water. I know instant oatmeal is a booming business, but it doesn’t qualify as the real thing, and in my case turned me off the delicious nutty grain for a good 20 years Read More
A Better Resolution
Jan 10, 2011 | Posted by Jennifer Perillo
I remember the first, and only, time I’d ever sipped fresh-made almond milk. It was a palate-opening experience, and I longed to recreate it at home. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. Read More