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Snack Attack
May 25, 2010 • Posted by Jennifer Perillo

As the weather gets warmer and your toddler gets more active, food is the last thing on her mind. When hunger does hit, it's usually too late, making it a prime moment for meltdowns. Luckily, this is one tantrum you can tackle before it happens by simply packing some healthy snacks as you head out for a day of play. Here are few ideas to get you started.

Easy to Eat Fruits
My little one loves bananas, and so do I for their portability. Pop one in your purse and you've an instant snack.

Apples are another favorite. While slices are better for younger children, try encouraging them to eat the whole apple as they get older—the skin is filled with natural fiber. This way there's also less prep work , and try to choose organic ones when possible to be sure there are no pesticide residues on the skins.

Kids love grapes—and children 3 and under can enjoy them cut in half. Try freezing them overnight for older kids, so they have a healthy frosty treat to cool off too.

Safer Snacking
Yogurt and string cheese or wedges are a good source of calcium and protein, making them a well-balanced snack. Be mindful of the temperature outside, though, and tuck an ice-pack into your lunch sack to keep them cool and avoid spoilage.

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May 26, 2010 12:54 AM Eddie
We enjoy all these snacks at our home (children ages 3 and 6). Wish there was a better children's cooler (lunch bag); poor insulation leads to ice-pack not likely to last beyond 12:00 noon if packed in the a.m. for school.
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