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Cuisinart Blogger Profiles

Jennifer Perillo

As food editor at Working Mother magazine, Jennifer Perillo, adapts meals to fit busy lifestyles. Her recipes have also been featured in Parenting, Kiwi magazine and the New York Daily News, and her on blogs The Mama Chronicles and In Jennie’s Kitchen. She has worked with world-renowned chefs, including Tom Colicchio when he was the top chef at Gramercy Tavern, and Alain Ducasse, as the Events Director at his namesake restaurant in the Essex House.

Vivian Manning-Schaffel

Rebecca Marber

Originally from Darien, CT, Rebecca Marber is currently serving her undergraduate years at the University of Michigan where she majors in English and Communications. When not writing papers for school, she has taken great interest in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and strives to understand the latest health trends and discoveries. Healthy living- the key to happiness, in her mind- is a passion which she is eager to share with others.

Kim Foster

Kim Foster chronicles her tales “in the kitchen with two spatula-wielding toddlers” on the very funny and popular blog, The Yummy Mummy.

Olga Massov

Olga Massov authors the popular food blog, Sassy Radish.

Jean at Delightful Repast

As a freelance writer specializing in food, weddings, etiquette and entertaining, Jean has written for many magazines and newspapers as well as the Web. She started the popular blog Delightful Repast in 2010 to share her favorite comfort foods. Though Jean is an omnivore, recipes developed in the Delightful Repast “test kitchen” include gluten-free, nondairy, vegan and vegetarian as well as dishes that reflect her heritage (English and Southern) and eclectic tastes.


Ethan Adeland

Founder of Tastes Better with Friends


Winnie Abramson

Founder of Healthy Green Kitchen


Jessica Shyba

Founder of

Marisa McClellan

Marisa McClellan writes the popular blog "Food In Jars," encouraging readers to learn how to enjoy the season’s bounty year-round with her original recipes for canning and preserving.


Aimee Wimbush-Bourque

Shaina Olmanson

Christina Fong

Rob Day

Katie Marber

Brea Buffaloe

Kalie Vitt

Ankita Satija

Priya Koshy

Arielle Martinez

Alexandra Supel

Lemons for Lulu

Tanya Schroeder: enjoys cupcakes piled high with frosting, intensely spicy food and semi healthy recipes. A mom to 3, wife to 1 who enjoys spending her days in the kitchen cooking up new recipes and licking the bowl when no one is watching.


Kimberly Killebrew at The Daring Gourmet

Passionate cook, recipe developer, food stylist and photo enthusiast, I love food – pure and simple! Being married to a doctor, I emphasize health and healthy eating. As a wife, full-time mother, and marriage & family therapist, I also believe that eating the occasional naughty indulgence contributes to happy and healthy relationships – and sanity.


Sara Croft from Solid Gold Eats

Solid Gold Eats exists as a way for me to share my the recipes from our weeknight and weekend dinners to you so you can be inspired to cook at home, too. My recipes are focused on what we ate for dinner that night, a few appetizers and party food ideas, some canning and preserving methods and an all around interest in learning new ways of cooking the same foods and brand new ingredients that I have never heard of before. There is no gimmick to the type of food I share, just what I enjoy eating – sometimes grilled, ethnic, sweet, salty, but mostly savory and ALWAYS delicious.


Zachary Chiger

Jessica Wald

Thomas White

Marla Meridith at Family Fresh Cooking


Courtney at The Newlyweds Cookbook


Karista's Kitchen


The Newlywed Chefs


A Beautiful Bite


Stefani Pollack

Stefani Pollack is a full time writer and recipe developer from St. Louis, Missouri, who believes that everyone can learn to bake from scratch. She makes baking approachable through clear instruction and lightheartednarrative. Stefani has been a regular contributor to Parade Magazine online and She has also taught baking classes and has spoken at PR and blogging conferences on niche blogging. When she’s not baking or playing with her family, she loves dancing, hula hooping, and hanging upside-down.


Sarah Bates From The Chef Next Door


Nicki from Little Island Studios

Kim Cooper at Feed Me Seymour


Krissy at Self Proclaimed Foodie