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Sweet Grilled Cheese

It’s hard to beat a warm grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup after a long day. Whether you like the comforting classical American cheese version or something a little different such as goat cheese, gruyere or brie, a tasty grilled cheese is as good as it gets.

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Veggie Muffins for Baby

Your baby is finally exploring the world of solid foods, an exciting time for both of you. However, it’s difficult to decide on a wide variety of foods. Switch things up with muffins. Soft on the inside and slightly firm on the outside, they are great when baby is used to chewing.

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Something Blue

Today we’ll focus on the “something blue.” Many couples choose to express this part of the line with quiet accents hidden throughout the wedding, with decals on shoes or blue stitching in wedding attire. Others prefer to make a bold statement with blue wedding themes and decor. Our favorite way to bring something blue into a wedding is of course, with food.

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Pantry Basics

Homemade Mayonnaise – Food Processor Method

Homemade mayonnaise is something many of us wouldn't have very often if we had to make it by hand, but a food processor makes it easy to whip up a fresh batch anytime. If you have concerns about consuming raw eggs, this recipe is for you. It calls for heating the eggs just enough to kill any salmonella bacteria.

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